NESACS Process Chemistry Symposium Oct. 12, 2017

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Since 1950, FLAMMA continues to be one of the preeminent manufacturers of high value chiral APIs and intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry. If your are making small peptides or molecules containing natural and/or unnatural amino acids, FLAMMA is a very attractive CMO partner due to its long, rich history. Pharma/biotechs understand the value that FLAMMA brings forward as a CMO and continue to do business with us. Many of these companies are bringing projects that contain NO amino acids or chirality due to the success of their previous projects with our team.
FLAMMA has 3 manufacturing facilities all with R&D & kilo labs for small scale needs. Both Italian locations (Chignolo & Isso) are cGMP facilities that are regularly inspected by the FDA, AIFA, & customers. FLAMMA’s Dalian, China facilities feature a new cGMP production plant.
FLAMMA leverages their 100% self-owned, self-managed facilities in China to deliver results. FLAMMA reliably supplies materials directly customers and/or they deliver materials (when required) to our cGMP facilities in Italy in order to deliver the customer’s compound on-time with the required specifications. FLAMMA offers cost-effective services to customers looking for a trusted partner within China.
As a fully integrated company, FLAMMA is well positioned to move compounds quickly along their path.
With a total capacity of 450 m
3 & over 450 employees, find out why FLAMMA should be a CMO you consider for your next project. We welcome the opportunity to meet in person either on site or at an industry event (ChemOutsourcing, CPhI, DCAT or Informex). Contact Flamma